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Thanks for the insightful review; Shock tactics show lack of true courage; Carleton said it well


Thanks for the insightful review

Recently Style Weekly published a review of my art installation at 1708 by Deborah McLeod (Art, Feb. 13). The review was insightful, poetic and imaginative, and I want to thank Style for having a writer of such quality.

Barbara MacCallum

Shock tactics show lack of true courage

I can just picture Eve Ensler sitting at her computer knee-deep in piles of crinkled, printed copy strewn about the floor (Theater, Feb. 20). Some with such titles as: "The Loving Mother Monologue," or "Family Ethics Monologues," or "How I Stayed a Decent Person by not Referring to my Vagina in a Monologue." Then, perhaps, she realized that at a lot lower level she won't have to expose her lack of decency by attempting substantive writing. Why not use the same old "shock" tactic that so many untalented foul-mouth female comedians resort to in their routines? Wait a minute! Could it be that Eve didn't even have the guts to do a comedy routine where she would have to say "vagina"? How about "butthole"?

Regardless, I don't think you enlighten anybody with trash talk and shock tactics. What ever happened to "decency by example" (plays, movies, books, etc.) to promote family values, and love and respect for one another? Whatever happened to showing due respect for sacred body parts that God designed for the procreation of life?

There are many more effective means of condemning abuse toward women (and men) than your vagina!

Or you can continue to ride the wave of decaying decency in this country and help worsen the very problem you condemn with your shortsightedness.

Art Costa

Carleton said it well

Thank you Lee Carleton for expressing my feelings about the "In God We Trust" (Back Page, Feb. 20) issue so much better than I could have. Keep it up!

Lois Kidwell


Staff attorney Nechama Masliansky works for the Virginia Poverty Law Center, not the Southern Poverty Law Center as we wrote in the Feb. 20 issue.

In Vim & Vigor, a special advertising section published Feb. 27 and written by an advertising freelance writer, Style neglected to print a photograph referred to in an article about Blanche and Ray Frank.

Style regrets the

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