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Thanks for attention to Oregon Hill; Director's "Carousel" choices effective; Correction


Thanks for attention to Oregon Hill
Thank you so much for publishing the article by Edwin J. Slipek Jr. on our plight in Oregon Hill to protect our houses and our homes ("Historic Housing," Architecture, Nov. 28.) I have lived in Oregon Hill for four years, moving here from Brandermill, and have never loved a neighborhood more. I am so saddened when an organization like Ethyl, VCU or now the St. Andrew's Association can willfully destroy what is so precious to the people of our neighborhood. Mary R. Brett Director's "Carousel" choices effective
Contrary to the opinions of D.L. Hintz in his review of Barksdale's current production of "Carousel" ("A Roundabout Route," Theater, Nov. 21), most of his complaints are with the original script and cannot be blamed on the director or the cast. His conclusion that "Carousel" goes around and around far too long and never quite gets anywhere is meaningless. Where does Mr. Hintz expect it to get? In reality, director Jack Cummings III took some liberties with both casting and staging of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, always a director's prerogative, and the results were both effective and imaginative. Why did Mr. Hintz fail to mention Shalimar Hickman-Washington's poignant rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone," surely one of the high points of the production? He must know that if secondary characters are allowed to show a greater range of skills than the leads, the authors and not the director are responsible. Also I doubt seriously that the stage chores of the chorus add length to their scenes. The running time of "Carousel," like many other musicals, is three hours, like it or not. After reading the Style review, I had strong doubts about a positive reaction. However, when I saw it, I did not find the criticisms valid; nor was I in the least disappointed. Barksdale has another winner! Vaughan Gary Correction:
There was an incorrect caption for a photo of a scooter in the Dec. 4 issue of Style Weekly. The scooter should have been identified as an ItalJet. Style regrets the error.

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