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iva La Bam (--wc 394--) Handcuffs plus a toilet plus MTV equals an everyday prank for stunt-show star Bam Margera. But when the prankster's show, "Viva La Bam," dropped in for lunch at Extra Billy's barbecue, Richmond got a taste of the Bam.

Restaurant owner Lisa Harr was setting up shop for the day when a knock came at the back door. While en route to MTV's spring break show in Florida, "Viva La Bam's?VbCrLf producers stopped in to scout this location for filming. "Viva La Bam?VbCrLf is a spin-off series of "Jackass,?VbCrLf another MTV stunt-show.

"They came in yesterday and asked if they could see our men's bathroom,?VbCrLf she says. "They thought it'd be funny to have these two guys bring handcuffed with one of them having to use the bathroom.?VbCrLfÿ

Producers said the men's bathroom was the perfect location for their stunt and told Harr the "Viva La Bam?VbCrLf cast and crew would come back that afternoon for a quick filming and lunch.

"I got the waitresses together before we opened and I said, ?~don't ask me for any more than what I'm going to tell you,'?VbCrLf she says. Many of the wait staff working Tuesday are fans of the show and were excitably anticipating the arrival of Bam Margera and crew.

The lunch crowd was packing in at 1 p.m. when Vincent "Don Vito?VbCrLf Margera was pulled into the restaurant handcuffed to another cast member. "Don Vito?VbCrLf is Bam Margera's uncle, who is often cast as the butt-of-the-joke on "Viva La Bam.?VbCrLfÿ

"They used our bathroom and handcuffed Don Vito to the toilet,?VbCrLf says waitress Michelle Bethany. "Half the people in our restaurant didn't know who they were.?VbCrLf A crew of 10-to-12 people and fellow cast members Ryan Dunn and Rake Yohn were also in on the joke.

They were really quiet so a lot of people didn't know what was going on, Bethany says of the lunch crowd. Extra Billy's seats as many as 225 dinners.ÿ

Harr says the Bam boy's were really nice and worked the crowd once filming had rounded up. Cast members signed autographs and took pictures with the staff, but couldn't hang around too long.ÿ

"They were in a big hurry,?VbCrLf Harr says. "Some of them got food to go.?VbCrLf

Most of the staff was a little star struck, says Bethany.

"It was a lot of excitement around here,?VbCrLf Harr says.

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