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If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it. And who wants to go through this again? What Richmond learned in the '00s.



Score of the Decade:


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Even the Strongest Brands Must Fight to Survive - Brand of the Decade

Big Memories Can Come in Little Packages

The Best Coaches Stick Around - Coach of the Decade

You Don't Need to Mortgage Your Home to Escape Richmond - Transportation Venue of the Decade

Eventually, You Will Be Caught - Sneaky Crook of the Decade

Free Is the Key to Our Hearts - Free Event of the Decade

When Times Get Tough, Drink Like There's No Tomorrow - Alcohol Trend of the Decade

We Like Our Food With a Little Friction - Restaurant of the Decade

Being A Picky Eater Is a Sure Way to Get a Grocer's Attention - Food Trend of the Decade

Don't Feed the Bears - Animal of the Decade

We May Never Solve Our Worst Problems, But We'll Keep Trying - Do-Gooder of the Decade

If You Build It, They Don't Necessarily Come - White Elephant of the Decade

We Will Celebrate History When It Comes With a Little Royalty - Dignitary Visit of the Decade

Behind Every Renaissance Is a Massive Ego - Ego of the Decade

Beauty Can Lie Below the Surface - Building of the Decade

An Underappreciated Past Can Fall Away Like a Ton of Bricks - Architectural Loss of the Decade

Talking About Change is the New Fondue Party - Consultant Recommendation of the Decade

We Like to Rinse and Repeat - Recurring Controversey of the Decade

The Underground Eventually Goes Mainstream - Independent Media of the Decade

Television News Anchors Don't Have to Be So Damn Cheery - Anchor of the Decade

Beware the Prodigal Politician - Politician of the Decade

You Can't (and Shouldn't) Take It With You - 47 Things to Leave in the Last Decade

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