Rated NR 80 min. 2012

Tchoupitoulas is a story of the New Orleans night. It is a visually exhilirating and aurally immersive record of one night in the many lives of a thriving nocturnal populace. Three young boys act as our wide-eyed conduits to a parade of entertainers and revelers as they dance through the lamp lit streets and doorways of the Crescent City. From dusk to dawn, from Rampart to the river, we explore the lives and locales of one of the world's most unique cities. In moments, vignettes, performances, and exchanges,Tchoupitoulas is a kaleidoscopic odyssey into another side of New Orleans.

Film Credits

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Director: Bill Ross and Turner Ross

Producer: Michael Gottwald, Josh Penn, Dan Janvey, Bill Ross and Turner Ross

Cast: Bryan Zanders, Kentrell Zanders and William Zanders


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