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For Star Lite, doctor's orders are for a more varied diet. Not that the place was meat-crazy or anything before — Star Lite has always offered a fairly varied offering of standard Fan pub food. The menu's just been expanded — with items like a portobello mushroom sandwich, turkey Reuben sandwich and new meatless appetizers — to make it more interesting for diners, says McClain. Vegetarians will also find more vegetarian pastas and salads to their liking, he assures.

For Bandito's, the decorator says brighter colors and more designs, just in time for their 5th anniversary party in March. Those of you who thought Bandito's was bright enough already are in for a surprise when you feast your eyes on the grand new diamond patterns and ruby-red booths. McClain also overhauled the bar and smacked big B's on the sides of the booths. They stand for Bandito's, of course, just so you won't forget where you are. What are McClain and his partner, Rick Lyons, calling all this fun with paint brushes? "Laid-back luxury," Lyons says.

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