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Hot wings drenched in blue cheese are all right. So are quesadillas stuffed with all kinds of meat. Cold beer's definitely cool. A dance/music club? Doesn't fly. That's the consensus on the West End location of Mulligan's Sports Grille, a restaurant/nightclub tucked in among the other chain restaurants and retail outlets on Broad Street.

Mulligan's Sports Grille co-founder Mark Hurley says he closed the West End sports bar on Feb. 12 because he was caught in a squeeze between bankruptcy and the loss of his lease. Mulligan's had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The property had been sold to disinterested owners, Hurley says, and Mulligan's had no lease when they went to file the required reorganization plan.

All the other Richmond Mulligan's are doing fine, Hurley says, but for now West Enders will have to get their giant-screen sports and potato-skin fixes somewhere else. Let's just hope the West End gets a replacement in time for the fall NFL season or we could have a riot on our hands. — Laura Davis

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