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Talked to Death; Hanover Officials Are Power-Crazed


Talked to Death

I always enjoy the Back Page, especially when the writer is Mariane Matera. She seems to put into words exactly what I have been thinking. "Radio Static" (Feb. 12) hit the nail on the head about radio in Richmond.

There is no music station for people over 50, and WRVA is filled from morning to night with men ranting on and on about some topic that grows old after 10 minutes of their diatribe. Dr. Laura was at least a female voice of reason after previous local personalities were removed, and now she has been banished till the evening hours. I know I am not the only one who has called WRVA and complained to no avail. Now when I am out in my car doing errands the CD player is working overtime.

Barbara Roquet

I would like to suggest that Mariane Matera set her radio dial to WCVE at 88.9-FM. She'll hear local, national and international news presented in an insightful and intelligent manner. "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered" provide an unlimited and interesting variety of news and views guaranteed to keep her in her car long after she reaches the parking lot. There is no shortage of good music either — all with the minimum of "commercials." It may not be uniquely Richmond or Southern, but it sure beats all the other stations hands down. - Sally Dvorak

Hanover Officials Are Power-Crazed

In "A Break in the Line" (Cover Story, Feb. 5), Frank W. Harkson Jr., director of Hanover County utilities, is quoted as saying, "The county did consider collaborating on waste-water treatment with Henrico. … but administrators told Hanover, 'We want this capacity. Go look elsewhere for your long-term needs.'" He goes on to say that "Richmond couldn't offer any help either."

I vehemently dispute his comments. When I served on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, we had discussions with Henrico County administrators and they asked us to tell them how much capacity we need; they said they would build to accommodate. A day or two after Hanover County announced that it had awarded contracts to build a new sewer treatment plant, Goochland and the city of Richmond announced that Richmond would be handling Goochland's sewer needs. So much for "overload at Richmond's sewer treatment plant," Mr. Harkson!

With this Hanover County sewer-plant issue there have been so many false statements made by county officials. There has been so much waste of taxpayer dollars because these officials would not listen to the citizens nor would they obey the law, as federal Judge Payne pointed out.

Now is the time for an in-depth investigation at the state or federal level. Hanover County citizens need to be made whole from the waste, fraud and abuse of this arrogant and power-crazed bunch. - J.J. Markow Jr.

The writer is a former member of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors.

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