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Symphony Gives a Lift at Airport

"There's always that void in the summertime when our musicians are out touring, so it's nice to let people know we're back," Operations Assistant David Lloyd said.

Lloyd handed out fliers during two half-hour lunchtime performances to anyone who showed interest. Few did.

Some travelers looked confused as they crossed the atrium, although that could have been prompted by RIC's new layout, which is part of an ongoing $250 million renovation project. Gone were the temporary security booths that crowded the hallway since 9-11. And gone were the rows of attached chairs where travelers could rest.

Many people just wheeled their bags right past the spectacle, showing little reaction.

At one point it seemed as though more staff than passengers lingered. A group of security screeners gathered, listening to the airy music. "I wish they'd be there every day," said one of them, Leonard Harrison.

Former Richmonder Nancy Yeamans stood by, killing time before her flight back to Phoenix. "Could you guys come with me to my gate?" she called to the musicians. Good luck sneaking a vibraphone through a metal detector. — Carrie Nieman

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