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Swing on This, Hitler


Years ago, going to war didn't mean the government would ask you to shop. There was something called "the war effort," which mobilized citizens to ration their consumption, recycle metals and paper, and purchase war bonds. It's been called America's finest hour. There was one thing the government didn't ask of its citizens, however, that maybe it should have: a song. The Barksdale Theatre at Hanover Tavern's "Swingtime Canteen" has stockpiles of them, more than 30 tunes from the big-band era, just in case somebody wants to start trouble and get knocked on their Axis -- again. The musical follows an actress in the autumn of her career who refuses to retire and instead gathers up her gals to sing for our boys in Europe. The weapons of mass inspiration continue though Jan. 20. Tickets are $35-$38. 282-2620.

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