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Best Opening Line: Do you know what it's like to wake up and be held hostage? I do. -- from "Morning" by Kari V. Haddy

Best Ending Line: And that's how my great-great-grandparents escaped from slavery. — from "Act II" by Linda Singleton-Driscoll

Best/Worst Title: The Legend of the Weeping Nun — by Dagny J.Collier

Best Title: A Cure for Hiccups (Won't Cure You of Him) — by Alice Lamoreaux Harrell

Sexiest Line: Males are carried to shore on the backs of females to mate. — from "The Parade" by Michele Poulos

What did you just say?? You see, my mother was a Tucker…. — from "The Tucker Vase" by Lindsay Adkins

Best New Word: Queek — from the untitled poem by Benjamin Allen, age 8

Worst Noun: Contrapositive — from "Rats in the Infield" by Richard Lampe

Most Creative Word: Clairvoyantresses — from "Alternatives to Charades" by Alice Lamoreaux Harrell

Worst Date: In bed with him she realized she didn't only dislike him; she hated him. — from "Charm" by Catherine Baab

Best Date: When he took me home later that night, I was not disappointed. Not in the car, at least. — from "Elk's Lodge #1" by Paulette Franchi

Best character names: Felix Moses, Chief John Poe, Hog Elder and Peaches Hardin — from "Rats in the Infield" by Richard Lampe; Henrietta Mucklefudge and Tetley Peeble — from "Mrs. Mucklefudge's Special Blend" by Katherine Jester; Crane Ludlow and Henry Crow — from "The Switch" by Elana Lisa

Line most obviously written by a guy: "her gigantic hippie-looking purse/bag." — from the untitled story by Matthew Fisher

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