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Style Weekly's coverage of the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Style has received a number of requests for copies of our April 25, 2007 issue covering the events at Virginia Tech.

We have gathered together, all of the related stories, and have created links to them here.

We also have a link to a pdf version of the cover story "This is our place. Students reflect on the Virginia Tech Tragedy." You may view and/or print this pdf file using Adobe Acrobat.

  • "Campus Voices Amid Chaos at Virginia Tech, students try to make sense of it all."

  • View a pdf file of "Campus Voices."

  • "Sound the alarm." Despite the new technology of emergency communications, perhaps it's time to reconsider an old standby.

  • "Safety Spin." From VCU to VT, the spinning realities of campus safety.

  • "The Peace of Poetry." by Margaret Edds

  • "Mind Benders." The debate over civil rights and public safety is just the beginning: Could a mental-health court have helped Cho Seung-Hui?

  • A reader responds to the article "Safety Spin."

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