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Style & Substance: The Future Ain't Plastic


Once upon a time, indulging daily in bottled water seemed the right thing to do. The undeniable convenience of readily available, easy-to-tote hydration couldn't possibly have any negative effects…right?

Wrong. Gallons of petroleum are used in manufacturing and transporting those bottles to your neighborhood grocery store, and with a shockingly low recycling rate -- the EPA put it around 30 percent for 2006 — many of them end up living long, fruitless lives in landfills. Suddenly, designer H2O, once the preference of the Hollywood celeb set, has lost its luster.

Enter Sigg aluminum bottles, which are 100-percent recyclable and toxin-free. The special interior coating ensures that your bottle won't absorb flavors or smells — whether you fill it with water, apple juice, soft drinks or wine — and the durable aluminum exterior will endure bumps and scrapes for years to come. Plus, with a variety of whimsical designs to choose from, staying hydrated may just become your newest style statement. $19-$20. Available at YeRen Outdoor Adventure.

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