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Style & Substance: Mummy Tummy



Prom and wedding season is upon us, which brings to mind the all-important issue of The Dress. If yours is a tad too snug, consider indulging in the People's Choice body treatment at It's a Wrap, Richmond, located in Chesterfield's Sycamore Square.

The procedure, a head-to-toe wrapping of mineral-soaked bandages, endeavors to melt inches from your frame with a simple equation: minerals in, impurities out.

"You have impurities in your body that lodge themselves in between fat cells," co-owner Kaye Crenshaw says. "The minerals cleanse the system, the end result of which is loss of inches. The space between the cells where the impurities were become closer; you actually take up less space on earth, if you will."

The treatment, which does not result in fat burn or weight loss but rather remarkably toned and tightened skin, involves slogging around mummy-like in wet bandages, but you may find it worth the effort. $135 for a single wrap. Find out more at www.itsawraprichmond.com.


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