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Style & Substance: Little Kisses



Sandwiched between two soft, round, airy, nut-flecked layers is a squeeze of impossibly rich ganache. Are they cookies or are they tiny cakes? It's hard to tell, although baker and food blogger Veronica Perez calls them by their French name, macarons. These aren't your grocery store's coconut-laced lumps, however. Instead, Perez makes an addictive French concoction that straddles the divide between meringue and buttery pastry to create something approaching transcendent deliciousness. Combinations like chocolate-coffee, pistachio-chocolate or the more basic raspberry are impossible to decide between, so a mixed box of 24 for $35 is the perfect solution to a guilty pleasure's stickiest problem.

You can order them now for home delivery (332-8699 or petitesbouchees@gmail.com) or delay gratification until springtime, when Perez sets up shop at the 17th Street Farmers' Market. www.petitesbouchees.com.


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