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Style & Substance: Hollywood Allure


If you find your wardrobe lacking in glamour, head to Quirk Gallery for its dazzling collection of Miriam Haskell reproduction costume jewelry. Haskell was the pre-eminent designer of costume jewelry in the '30s and '40s, and her creations were worn by Hollywood sirens Joan Crawford and Lucille Ball.

Haskell's elaborate pieces were completely handmade and entirely original, unlike most costume jewelry of the day, which sought to replicate fine jewelry from Paris and other European locales. Today, vintage Miriam Haskell originals can run upward of thousands of dollars.

These reproduction pieces, made by the same company and boasting the same meticulous details as the originals, are a bit easier on the wallet, with beaded bracelets running around $40 and intricate necklaces between $80 and $300. And the wide variety of styles should ensure that women of all ages have no trouble finding the eye-catching bauble that best suits her own definition of glamour.


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