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Steve's House Dance Collective hopes to attract artists from all disciplines to the stage.

Collective Movement


Fulton Hill Studios Auditorium
Friday, Aug. 20
8:30 p.m.

When Steve's House Dance Collective was founded in 1993, the vision was that the group would present not only dance, but other art mediums as well. Early concerts presented sculpture and poetry alongside its more kinetic sibling. Since then, however, the Collective's focus has switched exclusively to dance, largely as a result of funding, but also because the group's most active members are dancers.

With "Collage #1 (No Dress Code)," produced by dancer/ choreographer Vicky Fink, the Collective's hope is to return to its initial vision.

Fink hopes to attract artists from all disciplines with this Aug. 20 concert at Fulton Hill Studios, even though dance is the featured medium once again. She purposefully chose Fulton Hill Studios as the site for this concert, to draw upon its art community and surrounding neighborhood.

"I want community involvement, plain and simple," she says. "More voices. Discussion. We don't want to hold auditions. Just come forth and say, 'I have a piece. Can I show it?' ... Next summer, I want to do another show, a multimedia one. This show includes all dancers. That's who we know. But we hope Fulton artists and anyone else will introduce themselves after the show."

Fink, who graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in theater in 1995, attends Temple University in Philadelphia where she is pursuing an M.F.A. in dance. For her, dance is "a career, not an after-school project, some sort of extracurricular activity."

She hopes to return to Richmond to pursue her dance career, even though Philadelphia has its advantages. "The people there give so much money to the arts," she says. "They recognize its importance and don't hesitate to give. It's easier to live there as a dancer. There's a consistent performing arts community, something happening all the time. Richmond ... well, there's work to be done here. There's a great need for more culture, more art, to hear what people have to say. I want to help Richmond. But there's got to be more funding."

During "Collage #1" Fink will present "Windows," a site specific work she has choreographed, and will also present a solo, called "Solo." Long-time Collective member Rob Petres will offer his duet "Shadow Magnet" and "Goddess," which will take place outside. Dancers Christina Briggs and Edward Winslow will perform "Land in Sky," an experimental piece choreographed by New Yorker Susan Osberg which has the pair blindfolded, Audrey Farmer will also present her solo, "Yield."

Come September, Fink will return to Temple. "I'm happy with school, but school doesn't challenge me like real life," she says. "To pull together a show, that's

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