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SPCA Leader's Pet Tragedy

Debate continues.



Pet stories always draw intense interest, but one dog's death has compelled debates on ethics, responsibility, accidents and consequences.

Today the SPCA acknowledged that last week, a pet of its longtime chief executive, Robin Starr, died after being left inside the rear of her hot station wagon for four hours. Starr says that her husband, Ed, put their dog, Louie, 16, in the car but forgot to tell his wife before she drove to work. The dog was silent in the back, according to the SPCA account, and Starr was unaware it was there. She found the dog at lunchtime, but efforts to save him were unsuccessful.

The story's quickly gone national. calls its story “Bad Example.” And this headline today from the Kansas City Star: “Dog of Michael Vick's leading critic dies in hot car.”

We asked our Twitter followers (@StyleWeekly) whether there should be consequences for Starr, and if so, what would be appropriate. The answers ranged from unequivocal support and empathy to calls for her ouster.

Via Twitter, @RichmondSPCA writes: “We have never and would never dream of suggesting charges for unintentional act. Grieving pet owners deserve privacy.”

What do you think? Comment below.

Mwmclaren if laws were broken, yes. Have to believe the SPCA would go after anyone in a similar circumst. A great tragedy, nonetheless!

DawnE2u The death of Starr's dog was an accident. This is not animal cruelty. I have seen animal cruelty and this isn't even close.

SSentinel I don't think she should be punished if we've heard the whole story. What a horrible position to be in. That would suck so bad.

Nickjeffress she shouldn't be allowed back on her pedistal. people make mistakes- sorry she had to learn that the hard way...

motownmedia no because it was clearly an accident and unintentional. suffering personally and professionally is more than adequate.

mattjh2 Still scratching my head over this. This was clearly an accident & not deliberate cruelty. Tough situation for her.

proverbial_ink Absolutely. She should be held to the same standards as everyone else!

Nicholkola prosecuted *and* fired.

Horhey man, what an awful thing to happen to their family. They need to be left alone.

carolinesplate the dog was 16, mute + deaf. I'd be hard pressed 2 find anyone who would have realized Louie was back there. Terrible tragedy!

carolinesplate I am a HUGE supporter of punishing animal cruelty. But to compare this accident to the INTENTIONAL cruelty of Vick is absurd.

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