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Spayed or Neutered? Getting Frampton Right

I was extremely happy to have coverage of the Second Annual Frampton Fest to expose the incredible talents and sounds of the bands that played to my packed back yard ("Dogtown's Party Town," News & Features, June 13).

But I just couldn't let it go without letting it be known that "Frampton" is a she and not a he. Easily understood, as most people mistake the gender because of the name "Frampton." There's really no indication as to which way the name leans. … however, she's the greatest dog, makes me laugh and yes, occasionally will dry heave.

Nonetheless, she's my dog and best friend and I had to let everyone know. Happy Birthday, girl! And thanks, Style, for sharing the story of some great musical talent in Richmond! If anyone should think there's no music scene here, then make one yourself.

Jack Taggart

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