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Spare the Rod: Old-Time Discipline


I would like to comment on what Mabel G. Wells said in the Jan. 14 issue (“Mayor's School Plan Must Embrace Youngest,” Letters) about Mayor Jones's CCP plan. I would like to agree with Ms. Wells on her comment about starting on the lower levels of school discipline to eliminate problems later on the higher levels, instead of enlarging a program for kids with discipline problems.

Taking prayer out of the schools was one of the biggest mistakes we as a people could have ever made. Any time you take God out of anything, you open the door for the devil to come in full force. Some of the kids in the schools are really out of control and their own parents cannot do anything with them as well as the school staff. On another note, the state has given kids too much space as far as rights against their parents (divorcing parents, filing false abuse charges for being spanked, etc.). This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as issues with kids these days.

What needs to happen is to go back to the old times when all adults disciplined anyone's kids when they saw them doing wrong and nothing was said to the adult by the child's parents, but the parents enforced the discipline. The way our parents spanked us back in the day was child abuse if you really look at it. 

Tina Brown-Redd

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