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Southern Culture on the Skids at Capital Ale House

Friday, May 17. 9 p.m. $15-$18.


Not limited to one style or sound, Chapel Hill’s Southern Culture on the Skids incorporates rockabilly, surf rock, punk and country into its songs, led by the great guitarist Rick Miller. Adding in a bit of sleazy, raucous, but good-natured humor — and some food throwing — has made the band’s songs that much more irresistible while it’s steadily toured the country through the years. From its 1985 debut, “Voodoo Beach Party,” to its classic 1991 album, “Too Much Pork for Just One Fork,” and the 1995 gem “Dirt Track Date,” this veteran North Carolina band knows how to throw a good party with a great soundtrack. The trio’s latest self-released album on Kudzu Records, “Zombified,” is a tribute to “the horror and exploitation movies that populated Southern theaters and drive-ins during the ’60s and ’70s.” Well all right, all right, all right. Southern Culture on the Skids performs at Capital Ale House on Friday, May 17, at 9 p.m. $15-$18.