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Standing by Her Man

Alyson Taylor-White is scratching her head over a fundraising letter she received from former Sen. George Allen. In it, Allen thanks her for her support and asks for help electing state Sen. Steve Martin during his "tough re-election campaign."

First, Taylor-White never voted for Allen, she says. And, oh yeah, her husband of 23 years, Roger Habeck, is one of the candidates running against Sen. Martin for his 11th District seat, which includes Colonial Heights and part of Chesterfield County.

Allen and Martin may be barking up the wrong wallet. Then again, she says, it was nice to hear that it would be a "tough" race for Martin, a three-term Republican trying to stave off Habeck, an independent, and Alex McMurtrie Jr., a Democrat. And don't count out feisty independent Thomas H. "T-Hank" Cook. Last time he ran, he was a 2006 write-in for U.S. Senate against none other than … George Allen. Both of them lost.

  • Nobody's talking about what we hear was a funnel-cake frenzy that broke out at Maymont Park on a recent Sunday. Apparently, it all started with a huge crowd at a company picnic for HCA Virginia. The masses were stirred up by the scent of funnel cakes wafting through the air (imagine how the goats felt while eating pellets). As we understand it, the fried-dough vendor could barely keep up, and when he couldn't, he was mobbed by a hungry crowd. The vendor was so flustered by the hysteria that he packed up and left early, a source says. Just what is it that's giving HCA employees such low blood sugar?

  • WRVA's Jimmy Barrett and his baritone headed to the Charlotte Convention Center last week for the NAB Radio Show, an annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters. For the first time in memory, Richmond's 1140-AM was a finalist for "Legendary Station," the most prized of the national Marconi awards (the Emmys of radio, named after the medium's inventor). Unfortunately, it was a big year for New Orleans radio, and that city's WWL-AM won out. "It's easy to see why WWL won all of those awards," notes Barrett, the station's program director and morning-show host, "but I'm sure they would give them all back if Katrina never happened."
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