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Free Download: Sounds of Richmond, Vol. 6

From the Mighty Wurlitzer to punk rock ticks and a Romanian ballad: Style Weekly's 2013 River City mix.


Directions for Use: Download the music. Then fill a tub with grapes (if it's outdoors, all the better), pour yourself a pre-summertime cocktail (preferably with fresh mint), turn your stereo up pretty high (because if it's worth playing, it's worth playing loud) then place yourself and some friends or lovers into the tub, splosh around and stomp those grapes while the music fills the air with the living ghosts of these glorious musical moments from Richmond artists. At least that's one way to do it. - Brent Baldwin

"Sounds of Richmond Vol. 6" was compiled by Brent Baldwin, with input from Style Weekly's music writers.

Click here to download the full album.



Click the titles in the track listing below for more information about each song.

1. Bob Gulledge, "Over the Rainbow" (Live)
2. Warren Hixson, "Baby Boogie"
3. Heavy Midgets, "Wedding-Bedding" (Promo)
4. Peace Beast, "Can't Believe"
5. Marcus Tenney Trio, "As You See It"
6. Eddie P. and the Big East, "I Got Everything (Til I Got You)"
7. Max Monroe, "Mellow Yellow Sunday"
8. The Nervous Ticks, "Rat Brat"
9. Chance Fischer, "Broken Lungs"
10. Quatro Na Bossa, "Doralice"
11. The Garbers, "Haiku"
12. Olde Shame, "King of Scum (live at WRIR)"
13. Meade Skelton "Sweet Tea"
14. The Green Boys, "The Morning"
15. Richmond Shape Note Singers, "Glory Shone Around"
16. The Ar-Kaics, "Don't Need Your Love"
17. Big No, "I Know You're Always Right"
18. The Richmanian Ramblers, "Lume, Lume"
19. Canary Oh Canary "Integrity Among Men"
20. Iron Reagan, "Drop the Gun"
21. Victor Haskins, "Stasis"
22. Gamelan Raga Kusuma, "Legong Kraton" live a Balliceaux
23. Hypercolor, "Sparrow"
24. Ohbliv, "Fuse"

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