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Sound of Music’s Top 23 Recordings

Compiled by the Studio Owners.


John Morand: "After 20 years and 50,000 cups of coffee, beer and other things, to narrow down more than 500 bands to 23 was almost impossible. Thanks to all the engineers and interns over the years who helped make Sound of Music a true recording studio. We dedicate this compilation to Mark Linkous, Jason Molina, Bryan Harvey and John Jackson, who we hope are still recording music in peace."

1994 -- Sparklehorse, "Some Day"
Recorded by John Morand

The record that started it all, and helped make Mark Linkous a music icon. Led to recording musicians like Daniel Johnston, Steve Wynn and Nina Pearson.

1995 -- Inquisition, "Uproar"
Recorded by John Morand

After cigarettes, punk rock is one of Richmond's biggest exports. From Funsize, Action Patrol and Four Walls Falling to Unholy Thoughts, punk rock music is still part of what we do.

1996 -- Lauren Hoffman, "Rock Star"
Recorded by John Morand

There was once a time a girl could write a great song, a record label would hear it and she would get a record deal. Singer-songwriters like Lauren, Shannon Worrell, Susan Greenbaum and Joan Osborne have always found a home at Sound of Music.

1997 -- Tweaker, "Square One"
Recorded by John Morand

Fjord-trash psycho band. Studio partner and Tweaker drummer Miguel Urbiztondo has played drums with everyone from Cracker to the Gaskets.

1998 -- Labradford, "Pico"
Recorded by John Morand

Richmond underground electronic legends, known worldwide. Mark Nelson told John they once met Brian Eno backstage in England. Brian said, "Right Labradford, lovely spaghetti Western guitar." Enough said.

1999 -- Royal Trux, "Two Sides"
Recorded by John Morand, mixed by Brian Paulson

A hipster couple doing post-junkie rock 'n' roll. Neil Hagerty (vocals, guitar) went on to produce the Kills, Suntanama and his solo endeavor. Brian Paulson asked John to mix a song for him, so John walked in, neither of the couple looked at him, John started mixing, looked up five hours later and the couple said, "That was great." That was it.

2000 -- Carbon Leaf, "The Boxer"
Recorded by John Morand

Carbon Leaf won the American Music Award for best unsigned band and got to play live on the award show. Along with Agents of Good Roots and Edwin McCain, it helped establish Piedmont rock as a format.

2001 -- Cracker, "Brides of Neptune"
Recorded by Alan Weatherhead, produced by Mark Linkous

Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven frontman David Lowery helped start and continue to record at Sound of Music Studios, and leads the fight against the New Boss.

2002 -- Loincloth, "Noise International"
Recorded by John Morand

If Richmond has a sound to call its own, it is math rock. From post-punk Honor Role, Butterglove and Lazy Cain to megastars like Lamb of God, you do the math.

2003 -- Sukilove, "You Kill Me"
Recorded by John Morand

From Antwerp, Belgium, Sukilove was the first of many great European bands to record with Sound of Music, including Gitbox, Hazy Jane and Neeka.

2004 -- Mascot, "The Write Up"
Songwriter Kendall Meade, recorded by Alan Weatherhead

Kendall Meade, who later played in Sparklehorse, was one of the many New York City bands -- like Clem Snide, Maplewood and Steve Koester -- who made the seven-hour trip to record in Richmond.

2004 -- Mint, "Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry"
Recorded by John Morand; mixed by Alan Weatherhead

Recorded in our sister studio in Holland, "Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry" went on to become a huge hit in Belgium and Mint became a favorite on the KCLW show "Morning Becomes Eclectic."

2005 -- Hotel Lights, "You Come and I Go"
Recorded by Alan Weatherhead

First of many projects recorded in Richmond from this North Carolina band. Darren Jessee was the founding member of Ben Folds Five.

2006 -- Lucero, "Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers"
Recorded by Alan Weatherhead, produced by David Lowery

Friends of local Richmond band Avail, Lucero is one of the Americana bands such as Caitlin Cary, Southern Belles and Billy the Kid to record at Sound of Music.

2007 -- Jason Molina,"Black Bird"
Recorded by Alan Weatherhead, produced by David Lowery

From the "Black Ram Session in Sojourner" box set. Miguel Urbiztondo on drums. Played live in the big room, projecting Jacques Cousteau documentary on the wall. It was like recording in an aquarium.

2008 -- Tea Leaf Green, "Slept Through Sunday"
Recorded by Alan Weatherhead, produced by David Lowery

From the album "Raise Up the Tent." San Francisco's Tea Leaf Green is a piano-driven jam band, using two pianos and known for eating very healthy snacks.

2009 -- Cinema Sophia, "Detailed Nights"
Recorded by John Morand

A devastating fire forced Sound of Music out of its space. Setting up across the street, Cinema Sophia was the first to record in the temporary space, along with Souvenirs of Young America, the Pomegranates and Hazy Jane. They remain some of the favorite records made. The best thing to come of the fire was adding Bryan Walthall to the family.

2010 -- RPG, "Lie Detester"
Recorded by Bryan Walthall

Richmond rock supergroup. Bryan has become an important part of our studio family the last four years, recording bands such as Black Girls, Catalyst, the Jungle Beat and Unholy Thoughts.

2010 -- Sons of Bill, "Last Call"
Recorded by John Morand

Big changes to the way records are made, back to recording on tape, and fans paid for the record through Kickstarter.

2011 -- Kingsbury Manx- "Future Hunter"
Recorded by John Morand, mixed by Brian Paulson

Along with other well-known producers Don Smith, Steve Fisk and the legendary team of Joe Boyd and John Wood (Nick Drake, Incredible String Band) were a big part of our success over the years.

2012 -- Griffin IV, "I've Got"
Recorded by John Morand

Soon to be released record by Griffin Cayton. When he was a kid, Griffin learned how to play guitar from Bryan Harvey and Mark Linkous, two people missed very much by all. Griffin is keeping their efforts alive. Featuring Sound of Music's own Bryan Walthall and Miguel Urbiztondo.

2013 -- Sky, "In My Head"
Recorded by John Morand

Robert Fleischman aka "the guy from Journey" brings a touch of class to Richmond. As with D'Angelo, Adam Duritz or Susanna Hoffs, it's good to have a rock star around sometimes.

2014 -- Big No, "Angela"
Produced and recorded by Alan Weatherhead

One of the first projects in the new Broad Street Studio. Start of the next 20 years.


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