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"Snoops" aims below the belt to woo Sunday night viewers.

Sexy Sleuths


Nipple-cams — can you buy those at Radio Shack? Not hardly. But you can find them on David Kelley's new Sunday-night series on ABC, "Snoops."

The premise: Three foxy female private eyes team up with a buff young surveillance expert to solve crimes. The locale: steamy El Lay. The hook: lots of high-tech gadgets — that's where the nipple-cams come in — plus cleavage, a little voyeurism guaranteed to heat up the pimply set (and their dads), a modicum of Kelley-perfect dialogue, and lots of eye candy and cheap cinematic tricks.

It could spell "winner." But what escapes understanding is what kind of audience ABC expects to watch "Snoops" at 9 on Sunday nights and then stay tuned for the Emmy Award-winning "The Practice" at 10. "The Practice" is aimed at adults and has lots of mind appeal. "Snoops" aims somewhat farther south. Finding an audience that likes both is akin to finding a classical lit scholar who reads Jackie Collins novels for their metaphorical significance — a fun prospect, but not likely to be fruitful.

Say whatever else you like, the cast of "Snoops" is beautiful. Pouty-lipped Gina Gershon plays Glenn, the owner of Glenn Hall Inc. Her partners are my-god-you're-beautiful Paula Marshall and sassy Paula Jai Parker, along with huggable Danny Nucci as the gadget guru.

"Snoops" has already lost one executive producer and the word on the street is that much retooling is in the offing, but the series is already mildly seductive in a vaguely unsettling why-am-I-watching-this way. And Kelley, who's already won enough serious awards to prove he's no fool, just might turn "Snoops" into a winner and pick up another Emmy. You can't buy those at Radio Shack

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