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Smoke and Mirrors


I don't read much anymore that bartenders have to say ("Law-Makin' in the Cap City," Punch Drunk, Jan. 23), but one thing caught my attention: House Bill 1367 — yes, the one that would make cigarette-butt littering punishable by law. Your bartender is obviously proud of the fact that he smokes and that his car doesn't even have an ashtray. Yes, he claims littering is not nice, but that there are bigger fish to fry. I thought that his view was about the most asinine and dumbest thing that I ever heard. Did he ever consider that his smoldering cigarette butts, that he so casually throws out the car window, can start fires? Maybe — together with severe drought, dry leaves, the right wind conditions, etc. — those cigarettes might have ignited the devastating fires in parts of our country? I think he either needs to get an ashtray or quit smoking or really start thinking about what nonsense he and your paper are putting out there. Thank you. A former smoker.

Andrea Steegmayer, Richmond


Your viewpoint on some of the proposed legislation is interesting, especially regarding HB 1367, the bill that could fine cigarette-butt litters $100. I inferred from your comment that because your car does not have an ashtray you toss your butts out the window. Do you do the same with your fast-food wrappers? I am so glad you have a toilet in your house.

Janice Carter-Lovejoy, Bon Air

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