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Slipped Discs

CDS that slipped through the cracks

With that in mind I introduce a different kind of list: Music To Do Stuff To. Herein I will feature some selections from my own daily soundtrack. These collections will aim to make some recommendations of music — what I think is very good and what isn't being lauded elsewhere because it's too old or isn't mass-marketed. These are albums that seem to have slipped through the cracks. Who cares? Good question. I don't know. Maybe nobody. But I'm a music fan, and I like to get turned on to good music from any genre and any time period. By and large, the Billboard best sellers don't do much for me. I think many music fans feel the same. This is for them. I hope some of them live in Richmond.

These aren't "the best of …" "the top …" or any of that tripe. They're my favorites and I've found them helpful in keeping my toes tapping. So, check one or two of them out. Use only as directed and let me know what you think. I'll tell you my next topic at the end of each installment. Hit me with your suggestions. I need all the help I can get.

Music to Clean House

Sunday is my cleaning day. Music all day. From before the dishes are begun until the first beer is opened, and then some. It sets and sustains the cleaning tone and, therefore, must be well-planned to ensure that I go about my huswifery in a merry mood.

Depending upon what and how you are cleaning, there are myriad possibilities. Here are a couple of old reliables and a new star from my Sunday lineup.

The Meters "Look-Ka Py Py" (Sundazed Records)

I got this album last year. This is FUN KEE, now. This album will shake your ass and scrub the stovetop for you. Every song is a party. Good for when all of your dishes are dirty. You won't feel a thing.

Bob Dylan "Street Legal" (Columbia)

Fear no germ. Listen closely to the lyrics. Soon, you will smell nothing. Sing along. Be transformed. Become a prophet of purity. Don a tunic and walk into the desert. Put track nine on repeat. Don't get distracted, though. Wage on. Scrub something. Scrub it. Scrub it! This album never backs down.

The Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" (Capitol)

You shouldn't do drugs. Many people do. Some smoke marijuana when they clean their houses. The Beastie Boys do, I'm sure of it. Staph, e-coli, salmonella — all comers will be hoodwinked and sent packing in a disjunct haze of clean intentions. This frenetic, clever concoction is great for tidying up, putting the laundry away, stacking the dry dishes, cleaning up after yourself. It makes things seem clean.

— Randall Stamper

Next time: You're not going to work. Call in, sound sick, take the day off. What do you listen to when you're playing hooky? Send your suggestions to

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