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Sissy Spacek, Suppression and Taciturnal at Sediment Arts

Tuesday, Aug. 28

I met Sissy Spacek once while I was waiting for the bathroom in the dimly lit basement at Mille’s Diner. The legendary actress smiled and said hello first, seemed like a sweet person. Of course, I was picturing her as blood-drenched witch Carrie the whole time, which made it weird. Maybe I should’ve asked if she knew there was a brutal noise band named after her from Los Angeles with 30 albums. Sissy, if you’re in Richmond this week, you can check out this brain-blasting group with songs that often last Less than 15 seconds and see if your neurons fire the same way afterward. Also featuring Richmond’s own venerable noise duo, Suppression, plus Taciturnal. Doors open at 9 p.m. $9.

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