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Simmons Deserves Praise


Thank you so much for your sensitive and lovely profile of Al Simmons, the man who has chosen to go to prison to protest the fact that our government runs a school to train assassins, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (“Retired Teacher Headed to Prison for Human Rights Protest,” Street Talk, Feb. 4).

I feel safer knowing that men like Al are willing to fight for what they believe is right even if it means giving up their freedom to do so. That's what makes this democracy great.

Al also has been standing behind his belief that our war with Iraq needs to end. Ever since the war began, he has been leading Take a Second for Peace, a walk along the Boulevard every second Saturday in the morning, to protest the war and to take a stand for peace.

It's wonderful to have such people in our community who remind us of right and wrong. Thank you for letting more people know about his efforts.
Susan Singer

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