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Silver Like a Fox



Emmylou Harris, through whatever magic, doesn't seem to be aging, either physically or artistically. Looking down the barrel of her nearly 40-year career, you could safely say that the big difference from those early days with Gram Parsons is that she now has silver hair. Of course, she's also added genres in the intervening years, applying the come-hither heartbreak of her voice to folk, pop and country. She's found an excellent match recently with fellow genre-bender Mark Knopfler on their duet album "All the Roadrunning." So she'll have plenty of styles, hair- and music-wise, to invoke when she hits Richmond Saturday, May 19, at 4:30 p.m. with The Taters aat Brown's Island. Tickets are $30-$40. Call (800) 514-3849 or visit S

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