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Jamestown and all the attendant hoopla didn't save Indian Fields Tavern, one of the finer dining choices between this town and that one. The place closed without any announcement a few weeks ago, and there's been no word on what comes next for the old farmhouse, a quaint but underappreciated setting for traditional Southern dishes.

In the good idea category: wines, jazz and landscapes for a summery Thursday evening. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is host to Flowers After 5 for wine-tasting and strolling through September. This week, sample three Italian wines with guitar music from Michael Ess. New Zealand wines and trumpeter Taylor Barnett are featured July 19, and Spanish wines are served with a side of Bryan Hooten trombone July 26. Tickets are $10. Call 262-9887 or visit

A reader responds to our recent item that "wise diners predicted weeks ago that Dot's Back Inn would jump on the brunch bandwagon."

T.F. writes: "Now, if Dot's would just jump on the nonsmoking bandwagon. I live about two blocks from it and I can't remember the last time I ate there. Oh, yes I do! I smelled like I'd smoked two packs of cigarettes when I left; I vowed, along with my dining companions, never to return! You'd think the new owner would see from the long lines and filled bars and booths at the new nonsmoking eateries in the neighborhood (thank you Kitchen 64 and Northside Grille!) that Dot's might actually gain clientele by going smokeless."

And from a reader about our Bar Guide (Cover Story, June 20):

"I totally think that if there is one bar that has it all, it's Metro Grill. First off, it doesn't get half the praise it deserves for its food. The food has gotten so amazing there and it's fairly inexpensive unless you are ordering a steak or crab cakes, which are still totally worth the price.

"Second, it has the best of both worlds — you can come early and enjoy a relaxing dinner with a mix of '70s, '80s and '90s playing just loud enough in the background. This music is combined with surprises of eclectic sounds from indie bands that you will find yourself asking your bartender who is playing so you can go out and buy the CD!!

"If you are a drinker, you will probably want to hold on to your table because around 10:30 or 11 the line is out the door and the restaurant makes the change from the perfect date or group dining scene to the fun drinking single scene. I have gone here with my girlfriends who range from 21 to 35 and even taken my dad and sister and have had a blast every time.

"It is so easy to get sucked in because as you eat, the music is great and then after a few drinks you can just stand in the crowd of attractive people or dance on the table if you feel the urge. It is truly a place you can be any age, any mood, any style. The bartenders are amazingly nice and love new people. I constantly hear them introducing themselves to the customers and are so welcoming no matter your age, dress, etc. This restaurant has great food, atmosphere and people!" — Danielle

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