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Shockoe Committee Report Won't Include Ballpark

Mayor L. Douglas Wilder established the committee in early June to advise him on plans for the ballpark and any other development proposals that came along. The ballpark developers gave the committee a presentation outlining their intentions June 20.

At that meeting, Global Development Partners and the Richmond Braves said their plans involved the city establishing a special tax district wherein taxes generated within the boundaries of the stadium project — which would include retail shops, restaurants, condos and offices — would be used to pay off $80 million in bonds.

Pratt says the committee can't evaluate the proposal because it hasn't received any additional details from the developer or the Braves.

While the group has evaluated some existing proposals for Shockoe Bottom, such as plans for a slave trail and a visitors' center, it hasn't received any other major proposals. "There are no larger-scale developments that are coming forward," Pratt says.

Bill Farrar, the mayor's press secretary, says the administration has been in talks with the Braves and the developer in recent weeks regarding the future of the baseball team and the ballpark plans. But he says the city hasn't received any "formal details" concerning the $330 million proposal.

After the June 20 meeting, the mayor said he expected a recommendation from the committee by mid-December. He'll get one — minus the ballpark.

"We are communicating and having appropriate conversations," Farrar says of the recent talks between the mayor's office, Global Development and the Braves. "Everybody has questions." — Scott Bass

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