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Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers at Crossroads

Saturday, Sept. 21. 8 p.m.


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  • Jay Paul
I wonder if people a hundred years from now will look back and think of Justin Bieber as a seminal American artist. It’s within the realm of possibility, I guess, but I’m just not cynical enough to believe humanity could so grotesquely devolve. But one thing is for sure: The early-20th-century American blues as played by Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers will never go out of style. Easily the best cover band in the city, guitarist Gregg Kimball, harmonica player Rich Mann and vocalist Sheryl Warner play the tunes of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Memphis Minnie, Tampa Red and Big Bill Broonzy as if they wrote them. Best of all, not knowing the historical significance of their repertoire won’t hinder your enjoyment of the band. Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers play the appropriately intimate confines of Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream on Saturday, Sept. 21. The music starts at 8 p.m. Free.