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Shaken not Stirred


The Bar: Southern Culture on Main and Strawberry. Southern Culture is rare because it is a martini bar that serves real, genuine vodka martinis, not just shooters in a glass. Jimmy Tsamouras, the owner and resident martini guru, created his own recipes for a wide variety of martinis. While they'll gladly serve you a traditional one, they also have an awe-inspiring selection that will tempt you in every way imaginable. They serve up a mean Dirty Greek, which includes a feta-stuffed olive, or a Chocolate Kiss with Baileys and a Hershey's Kiss, and over a dozen more. The show stopper, though, is their Apple Martini, which is a smooth blend of Van Gogh Appel, Stoli Vanilla, Sour and a Secret Sauce. Wow, after a couple of those, I had some trouble operating my glass, but that doesn't really mean I have a drinking problem, does it?

The Happiest Hour: While sadly Southern Culture doesn't have a happy hour, the power and beauty of their martinis makes one unnecessary. The prices for martinis range from $6 for a traditional to $11 for one of the deluxe models. Be warned though: These things pack a punch, ranging in size from 5 to 7 ounces, they can really ring your bell this holiday season. Unless you're a professional, you should limit your intake to two, that way you can help me get home.

— Francis W. Decker

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