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Sex in Bryan Park: Where Are Police?


Your reporting of no incidents of indecent exposure at Bryan Park (from 2005-2010) surprised me the most (“Sports, SEALs Chase Off Gay Cruisers at Bryan Park,” Sept. 15, 2010). I have personally complained, and I have e-mails from a conversation with the Richmond Police Department and City Councilman Chris Hilbert about the issue. The men are very brazen, and at times, aggressive. I do my best to stay within the blocked-off azalea gardens, but it's almost impossible to avoid them.

About a month ago I walked past a pickup truck heading to my car with my dog, and a guy was sitting in the driver's seat with his head back. He appeared to be alone and possibly asleep. As I passed, I could clearly see another person with his head buried and moving in the lap of the driver. I watched the car and a few minutes later a head pops up, a guy gets out of the passenger's side, and jumps on a bike that was leaning against the vehicle and pedals away. They didn't care that people were loading and unloading pets right around them. I didn't report it because I'm tired of wasting my time, and very little to nothing being done about it.

Sadly, I can cite countless examples of the awful and illegal activities I have witnessed in the park. The problem persists in a big way. I have considered taking my video camera in the park and recording faces, cars and license plates to post online. I thought I could perhaps shame them into stopping, considering I was told by Richmond police that the men they interviewed in the shelters on one occasion were all married. I decided against it, and I have given up until the Richmond police do their jobs. That said, I could not restrain my pen when I read a report that the problem is getting better. It is not!

It would be interesting to hear what the Richmond police have to say on the matter. I can take you into the park and there will be a 95 percent chance that on any day, at any time, I can point out the cruisers and people having sexual liaisons. The park regulars, such as walkers, joggers and other athletes, have come to accept it.

Curt Smith

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