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Movies about music, plus also regular music

Before all others, "This Is Spinal Tap." Faux documentaries on bands can lean toward the ridiculous (the 11 on the amps) or the subtle, as two mid-'90s films did. Musician and filmmaker Michael Galinsky's "Half-Cocked" concerns the exploits of a group of kids who steal a van and tour around pretending to be a band, while his "Radiation" follows a Spanish tour promoter. These two pieces of rockumentation are screened at Hyperlink Café Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. and are followed by performances by The Ten Commandments, At the Stars and Aircraft. 254-1942.

The loudest music, with an order of pasta

Empire, perhaps sadistically, will attempt to pack some of the biggest sounds of the week into its general dining area Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 8 p.m. Hex Machine squeals and blorps with electronic delight before launching into thundering guitarwork that registers stoner rock, metal and, being a Richmond band, a taste of the experimental. Columbus, Ohio's Teeth of the Hydra will probably rattle your pasta right off the table on account of they channel the sounds of impending doom straight from Black Sabbath, all quick and massive guitars. Richmond's Tigershark rounds out the sonic feast with a churning mix of heavy riffs and punk-paced vocals. $10. 344-3323.

Music building walls in faraway places

Light in Africa is an organization that builds houses for families all the way over in Tanzania, so take that, AmeriCorps. Anyhow, the money has to come from somewhere, and the fundraiser at Gallery5 Friday, Feb. 9, is one of those places. Listen for music from the Asbury Gospel Choir, the world-music puree of Rattlemouth, and the soulful pop of Fredericksburg's Tereu Tereu and Richmond's A Roman Holiday. It seems safe to say that getting the chance to rock for Mount Kilimanjaro is a special time in a musician's life. The show runs 6 p.m.-midnight. $8. 644-0005. S

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