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Drummie Zeb at Hyperlink Café

Being the holiday season, it's a sure bet that Richmond's busier touring musicians are returning home for a quick visit with the family around the fire, roasting chestnuts or whatever it is that reggae musicians, for example, roast. That seems like a reasonable enough guess as to why drummer and producer Drummie Zeb is not currently in the company of The Wailers on their tour or working with Bob Dylan or Carlos Santana on matters percussive. He's leading Razor Posse, a Richmond reggae band, for a performance around Hyperlink's fire Friday, Dec. 22, at 7 p.m. with Trick Holiday, Justin Joseph and Rasul the Nobody. $12. 254-1942.

Agents of Good Roots at Alley Katz

Another example of the musical progeny that makes Richmond such a proud parent, Agents of Good Roots is playing Friday, Dec. 22, at Alley Katz. While our town has always been known for exporting punk and, more recently, metal to the world, Agents represents that period in the mid-'90s when the improvisational strains of jazz met up with roots rock in a dark alley somewhere and had a good time. But chances are, if you're someone who has memories of Dave Matthews playing The Flood Zone, you are already well-aware of this show, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., and have every intention of reliving a few college moments before you spend Christmas with your parents, watching them gush over their brand-new grandchild. Where does the time go? $10-$12. 643-2816.

Flesh Mountain Boys at Bogart's Back Room

This calendar has just about beaten to death all the various holiday spectacles the city waves in front of us like a corndog on a stick … on another stick. But if last week ("The Christmas Story According to Uncle Daddy") plus this show at Bogart's Thursday, Dec. 21, is anything approaching a tradition, it's a pretty good one. What would it be? Hmmm. Very unconventional bluegrass with strange influences and hints of perversity? For these boys, it can get heavy — rock riffs barge up from the bluegrass basement — but with the disorientation of toilet-humor lyrics sung in harmony. Not a bad tradition to start, really. The show is at 9 p.m. $5. 353-9280.

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