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Mono at Nanci Raygun

Mono is a band that routinely gets compared to heavy-metal acts, dead European composers and other post-rock outfits like Mogwai and Sigur R¢s. The Japanese quartet writes surging emotional soundscapes for the action-adventure lifestyles of Dungeons and Dragons players in which they save the world from evil a. Mono plays with Pelican and The Life and Times Friday, May 12, at 7 p.m. $10. 353-4263.

30 Seconds to Mars at Alley Katz

The lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars once told VH1 his five favorite CDs included releases by The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and U2. Not quite mind-blowing. None of it would matter if that man were not also Jared Leto, heartthrob of "My So-Called Life" and, to a lesser extent, "Requiem for a Dream." Really, it would be nice to see past his hotness, but it's hard. Buy tickets for all the wrong reasons when his band plays with Men Women and Children, Keating, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Monday, May 15, 6-11 p.m. $15. 643-2816.

Lake Trout at Alley Katz

Real lake trout are pelagic, which means they float in the middle of whatever body of water they're in, eschewing floor and shore. Fittingly, the band Lake Trout has a disembodied, plangent, lazy rock sound with lots of reverb and layered lines that slosh over one another. So kick back and bring a rod and a six-pack Friday, May 12, at 9 p.m. Red Anthem and Mason Brothers open. $10-$12. 643-2816.

Dixie Witch at Alley Katz

You might as well not stray far from Alley Katz this week (if only it offered a frequent-flier card). Austin's Dixie Witch comes around Tuesday, May 16, at 9 p.m. It's a rock trident: bass, guitar, singing drummer, playing fast and loud. And because it's Texas, there is a hint of twang in the thunder. New Ritual Age opens. $6. 643-2816.

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