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Dark Star Orchestra at Innsbrook After Hours

As much a historical re-enactment as a concert, Dark Star Orchestra made its name among the legions of Deadhead follow-up bands by re-creating not only the sound of the Grateful Dead, but also the sound of a particular show. Say, Oct. 8, 1981, in Copenhagen, as a Rolling Stone article reports. Dark Star has the stage plots down, microphones here and there, but gets into the Dead spirit by improvising so that the shows, accurate as they are, aren't just weird musical museums. Dark Star plays Innsbrook Wednesday, May 23. Gates at 6 p.m. $10-$15. Call 423-6589 or visit

Medeski Martin and Wood at Groovin'

Someday, years from now, perhaps there will be a band like Dark Star Orchestra (see above) that covers particular shows for Medeski Martin and Wood. Its members will pick some show from when the band started playing its colossal experimental jazz performances in the early '90s, and they'll play it down to the note, every electronica chord, every foray into reggae, blues and soul. And the people of the future would love it like they love it now. Except they'd all be robots. MMW plays Groovin' at Lewis Ginter Thursday, May 24. Gates at 5:30 p.m. $20-$25. Call 262-9887 or

Claire Small at Ashland Coffee & Tea

Oh, Claire Small, who let you out of your native Nashville with that bossa nova influence flickering behind your voice? And that voice, which, to be fair, has some of the requisite Nashville twang, but also the sighs and swoons of a singer trying to lure a person into heartbreak. It's good to know that such strange and lovely oddities are escaping from that town paved in rhinestones. And that bossa nova apparently thrives under many conditions. Claire Small plays with Steve Wedemeyer (from Last Train Home) Thursday, May 24, at 8 p.m. $10. 798-1702.

Emergenza Festival at Alley Katz

There's this festival, Emergenza, that is so … look, check out the Web site,, and then come back. Did you notice that this is an international phenomenon? That there are cities like Stuttgart and Paris participating in what is, essentially, a worldwide battle of the bands? Is anyone worried about this? Clearly not. Anyway, Richmond bands entered the fray in December, and now the finals are beginning, with Culdera, Chokechain, Searching for Timothy, August, The Automatics, Trust in the Fall, Mozely Rose and others, all vying for world dominance Saturday, May 26, at 5 p.m. 643-2816.

And Beyond the City Limits …

In Charlottesville, the fever-dream indie electronic antics of !!! (yes, !!!, as in make a sound three times — chk chk chk is the common one) comes to the Satellite Ballroom Monday, May 28, at 8 p.m. Look for the insane/inspired dancing of lead singer Nic Offer. Maserati opens. $12-$15. Call (434) 293-7005 or visit >i>

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