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Brothers Past at the Canal Club

"And then the drum machine kicked in and broke my heart." Not something you expect to hear. But the Philly four-pack Brothers Past combines the sonic contortions of electronica with soaring, anthemic guitars. And it's a big sound, heavy and delicate, and buttered by Tom Hamilton's pleading lyrics. The vocals can really tear you apart and elevate the band from another festival insert to the indie-rock counterparts of Muse or good old heartbreaker Thom Yorke. The Brothers play Friday, March 2, at 8:30 p.m. $8-$10. 643-2582.

Visit the Brothers Past website.

Louis Ledford and Robert Blake at Millie's Diner

Richmond expatriate Ledford returns to his forsaken homeland for a couple of shows, reminding us of the lyrical talent we've lost to New Orleans. Ledford's songwriting is sparse and elegant, part Willie Nelson's dusty roads, part Tom Waits' cracked asphalt. Somehow Ledford turns that into folk, spins it through a fluttering guitar. He's joined by Washington's wandering Americana minstrel Robert Sarazin Blake at Millie's for a show that really is a perfect mix of folk and superb food. A buffet of many sorts, starting Sunday, March 4, at 9 p.m. $5. Ledford also plays Ashland Coffee & Tea March 8. 643-5512.

Visit the Louis Ledford website.

Click here to hear some Robert Sarazin Blake on

Paul Curreri and Devon Sproule at the Barksdale Theater

So it's potentially hazardous to work with your spouse, office crushes and what-all, yet more so when the couple is musical. Think of the spats over groupies, damn it. Which is perhaps why Charlottesville singer-songwriters Curreri and Sproule generally avoid sharing a stage. But relationships are built on trust, so the two are playing the Stretchin' series at the Barksdale — their first duet in Richmond — and we'll get a peek into the music that powers that household. Curreri's swerving blues licks are kept light by his lyrics: part meditation, part chitchat. Sproule's acoustic guitarwork dances around like a cat against your legs, warm and familiar, while the woman herself purrs in your ear, bits of poetry that make you forget what year it is. Why, they may be the Sonny and Cher of our generation. The show is Sunday, March 4, 8-10 p.m. $10. 358-5338.

Visit the Paul Curreri website

Visit the Devon Sproule website

The Never at Hyperlink Café

This is a band a lot like Jell-O — you try to hold it in your hand, it'll slide right off. It's best just to cram the wiggly bastard in your mouth and savor the taste. Because The Never does a lot of wiggling: They tie up pop, bluegrass, vocal harmony and chamber music in their latest album, "Antarctica." And said album accompanies a children's book by Never co-founder Noah Smith. The one supplements the other, and all of it goes merrily along on its tour in a vegetable-oil-fueled bus, wiggling across the country. The Never plays Hyperlink Café Tuesday, March 6, at 8 p.m. with opener The Great White Jenkins. $5. 254-1942.

The Never website

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