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WHere to go. What to hear.



Joe Jencks at Shady Grove Coffeehouse

For another helping of one-man guitar-slinging singer-songwriter, folk artist Joe Jencks comes to Shady Grove Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. His tenor voice backs up his messages, which run the gamut of social consciousness. Add to that a mix of classical, jazz, opera and Irish musical influences, and you've got a guy whose music is more than just protest songs. He plays with Richmond singer-songwriter Karen Trump. Tickets are $10-$12. 355-2461.

Meade Skelton CD Release Party at Hyperlink Café

Young Richmonder Meade Skelton has decided early on that country is his music and nothing else will do. With the release of his latest album, "Songs of Love," he'll further his pursuit of the musical ideals of Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins and even Buddy Holly. And just in time for Valentine's Day! Bring your special cowperson to the Hyperlink Feb. 12, 8-10 p.m. $3. 254-1942.

Fancy Trash at Poe's Pub

Fancy Trash doesn't give itself enough credit. Or else its name is another sign that its members are having a really good time. Fancy Trash is a bit of a mess: a little bluegrass here, some alt-country there, hints of rock throughout. Even a trance sound for those mellower minds. And Dave Houghton's occasional forays into falsetto give the whole thing an eerie, lost quality. Fancy Trash plays Poe's Pub Feb. 10 at 9:30 p.m. Free. 648-2120.

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