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Isis at Alley KatzSo any metal band on the Ipecac label — co-founded by Faith No More and Mr. Bungle frontman, Mike Patton and producing music by The Melvins, D„lek and recent Academy Award recipient Ennio Morricone — has to be more than just your everyday metal band. And Isis, which had the unenviable job of opening for Tool last year, complicates the standard metal wall o' noise with guitar arrangements that might just be called delicate, and soft, moody vocals that make the sound even more psychedelic. Strange and loud, there's plenty to fill the ears. Jesu and Torche open Saturday, March 10, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. $13-$15. 643-2816.

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The Crooners at Poe's PubBecause you can't really feel the blues until you're playing the streets of Paris with cleaning implements, Brooklyn roots trio The Crooners add to their clean guitar sound the homegrown rumble of a washtub bass. Theirs is a sound that is really, really American, like surf rock born in the Midwest, or like The Beatles after they got big in America. Their song "New Kind of Blue" certainly is, because it sounds like that first moment when the smoky blues joint became, through a few quick guitar riffs, the first rock club. The Crooners play Wednesday, March 7, at 9:30 p.m. $5. 648-2120.

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The Gaskets DVD Release at Canal ClubWhile it seems strange, even a bit unnatural, to bottle the Ted Blanks/Ross Harman synth-pop seizure on anything so confining as a DVD, nevertheless the duo did just that on "Loose Change Live." The extra-special bonus of their DVD is that it was recorded at the late Nanci Raygun, so we can all come away from the viewing smelling of smoke, drenched in the sweat of a dozen other people and given the duo's zest for audience involvement in their playful-sexy songs, possibly pregnant. But that's just the DVD. The show at the Canal Club Saturday, March 10, at 8:30 p.m. should be all those things, just more spacious. Make out behind the bar, please. Greenland opens. $3. 643-2582.

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Just How Many Musicians Can Be Stuffed Into Bogart's Back Room?

Well, apparently plenty. The Richmond Afrobeat Movement, performing most Wednesdays, looks like its roster can range into the dozens. But then, that's kind of what it takes for Afrobeat, the brassy evolution of traditional African and Latin beats with a classic jazz sound. It's all horns, dance and politics, and the hypnotic power of a few different flavors of percussion, starting at 9 p.m. $5. 353-9280. S

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