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Self-promoter Mike Moses has an art show, and a protest against himself.


Richmond artist Mike Moses doesn't want you to come to his art show. The guy is so adamant about this that he's created an entire Web site explaining his insufficient qualities as a human being. According to, “it's not just because he kicks dogs, punches grandmothers and steals crack from innocent drug addicts,” that makes him a horrible person, but also “because he is destroying innocent minds with his ‘art.’” Moses' work is apparently so offensive an organization called Cleanliness in Life, Art and Music (C.LA.M.) is organizing a protest rally across the street from where the part-time tattoo artist will exhibit his work during May's First Fridays Artwalk. As a publicity stunt, an art show or a potential riot, it's an interesting addition to the events of that evening. Venture down the sidewalks near Gallery5 to 116 W. Marshall St. on Friday, May 1, starting at 6 p.m., to see the result of some fine promotional advertising. Free. For information, show up. — Mike Hilleary

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