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Seeking the Marquis de Oz

Mistress Dorothy?


Every so often, a press release comes across the desks here at Style Weekly that makes us laugh like Munchkins on helium.

Such was the case with a news release sent to us last week from the Richmond Police Department about the arrest of four suspects in the theft of a prop advertising Theatre IV's production of "The Wizard of Oz."

The first sentence of the press release reads, "Dorothy's ruby red slippers will never again see their home on top of the marquis at Theatre IV." Waitaminute! Marquis? As in the noble title that is most commonly referred to in the same breath with the marquis de Sade, the man who lent his name to sadism?

Where's Dorothy's red ruby whip if she's standing on the marquis? We think they meant marquee.

A police spokesperson said it was an honest mistake. No one at the police department realized the connotations that go hand-in-black-leather-glove with the word marquis.

We only have one question left: Wouldn't the good marquis prefer the Wicked

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