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Secret Valentines Uncovered by Style

To my loving IRS representative:

You think that I owe,

But that's not what I show.

So let's cuddle, relax,

And forget about the tax.

Love, Sa'ad El-Amin

To my dearest political operative:

Thanks for the PIN,

I listened to win.

So will you be mine?

I'm unemployed; I have time.

Love, Ed Matricardi

To my old flames on City Council:

It's hard letting go,

But I go with the flow.

So I'll work here awhile,

Cause police make me smile.

Love, Reva Trammell

To the General Assembly chicks:

I'm hands-on, I admit,

I may have asked for it.

But I'm a real man,

(With a retirement plan).

Love, Vance Wilkins

To the people of the commonwealth:

I'm sorry about me,

And the economy.

While your budget recovers,

Remember, Virginia's for lovers.

Love, Jim Gilmore

— Jason

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