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Scott Turner, 39

<b>Co-Owner and Founder</b>, Riverside Outfitters
<b>President</b>, TrueTimber Tree Service


Scott Turner goes over the river and through the woods. Crisscrossing South Side in his red pickup may be the only thing this native Richmonder does conventionally. Combine Diego of the kids television show “Go, Diego, Go” and MacGyver and you get Turner.

At 39, he's hailed as River City's next true naturalist — Generation X's answer to Ralph White. “I'm totally into exposure,” Turner says. “Exposure to nature challenges you to see the world differently and you're a better person for it.”

The founder of Riverside Outfitters and an arborist for his tree-service business, Turner credits his friends and family — especially wife, Amy, and daughters ages 6 and 9 — with helping him realize his dream to do what he loves in a backyard open to all.

Turner tethers children to trees, teaching them to climb. He reconnects adults with their youth by putting them in kayaks and canoes and unleashing them on the James River.
“When you have a good neighbor with a good business, doing great things for the community and the environment, it can't be beat,” says City Councilwoman Kathy Graziano, whose 4th District encompasses many of Turner's efforts. “Scott Turner and Riverside Outfitters are such a positive influence. I'm just waiting until my schedule and the river levels coincide so that I can raft down the river.”

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