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Score Countdown: Top 10 Most-Read News Stories

Twelve months of news you can use. What you were reading on StyleWeekly.com in 2010.


10. Top VCU Official is Out
Wayne Turnage, chief of staff for VCU President Michael Rao, leaves the university in a haze of controversy. (11/9/2010)
by Peter Galuszka


9. Velvet Loses Liquor License
Fully nude lap dances, oral sex and the “Champagne Room.” ABC lays out case for revoking Sam Moore's license to sell booze. (2/4/2010)
by Chris Dovi

8. No More Dancing? Critics Decry Council Bill
Richmonders soon will have no degree of separation from Kevin Bacon, according to some local lawyers. (7/6/2010)
by Don Harrison


7. Justin French, Chapter One
While the Justin French saga begins to unfurl, a key question surrounding the 39-year-old developer is elusive: Where did he come from? (8/10/2010)
by Scott Bass

6. You Are Very Richmond If ...
You knew it would be back some day. A 25th anniversary revival of the reader contest you made famous. (5/12/2010)
by the readers. Illustrations by Ed Harrington


5. Ukrop's Owners Boot Girl Scouts
Martin's Food Markets says no to Girl Scout cookies. (2/15/2010)
by Chris Dovi

4. "Ride Fast, Live Slow"
After leading one of Richmond's most influential punk-rock bands for two decades, Tim Barry comes through tragedy, a personal awakening and a new perspective on music. (2/17/2010)
by Amy Biegelsen

3. Top Lawyer Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute
Personal injury lawyer agrees to community service following incident in Petersburg motel. (4/27/2010)
by Amy Biegelsen


2. Web Site Libel, Round II/Trolling for Libel
A local developer sues a Web designer for defamation: The growing debate over free speech and the Internet. (3/10/2010, 3/16/2010)
by Peter Galuszka


1. Top 40 Under 40 2010
The young men and women transforming Richmond. (10/12/2010)
by Scott Bass, Brent Baldwin, Vernal Coleman, Peter Galuszka, Don Harrison, Jack Lauterback, Melissa Scott Sinclair, Megan Southall, Deveron Timberlake, David Timberline and Sara Dabney Tisdale


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