Scenes from the McDonnell Verdict 

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The trial of Ex-Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, started on July 28 and ended on September 4. Each day they entered through the front door of the Richmond Federal Courthouse and exited the same way. Here McDonnell is flanked defense attorneys John Brownlee and Daniel Small.
McDonnell remained confident throughout the five-week trial, often citing his faith in the Lord as a coping mechanism for the stress of the trial. Here he shakes hands with a reporter during the final week.
McDonnell leaves the Federal Courthouse with daughter Caitlin.
Defense attorney John Brownlee exits the building as McDonnell prepares for the media onslaught.
Johnnie Williams, the prosecution’s key witness leaves the courthouse with his lawyers.
Maureen McDonnell exits the courthouse with her lawyer Heather Martin.
McDonnell arrives to hear the verdict surrounded by family and Rev. Wayne Ball.
McDonnell is swarmed by media as he nears the building to hear the verdict.
Lead prosecutor Michael Dry exits the building. Bob McDonnell was found guilty on 11 of 13 counts, Maureen McDonnell on 9 of 13.
Reporters race from the courthouse to break the news of the guilty verdict.
McDonnell exits the building surrounded by family.
McDonnell is the first governor in the state’s history to be convicted of a felony.
The media spills onto Broad Street mobbing defense attorney Henry Asbill.
Defense attorney Daniel Small walks away from the courthouse as his colleague Asbill fields questions from reporters.
Maureen Carney McDonnell, the Governor’s sister, leads the Governor’s former Secretary of the Commonwealth Janet Kelly away from the courthouse.
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Johnnie Williams, the prosecution’s key witness leaves the courthouse with his lawyers.

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