RVA Noise Fest

When: June 30-July 1 2012

A two-day festival celebrating Richmond's musical fringes. Featuring Positivland, Google Earth, Mutwawa, Bermuda Triangles, Contortionist Jazz Exotica, Antlers, Heavy Breathing, Weird Alchemist, Sex Complex, Caves Caverns, Head Molt, Palindrone, Champagne of Rats, Midzhur, Ritual Stance, Colectivo Caliban, Flesh Control, Pilottone, Az Tiraks En Nod, Slobear, Lightless, Flora and Fauna, Flood Beast, Close Your Eyes I'm Changing, Broadcastatic, Llorona, Pataphonic, Monolith Zero, Mitered Chevrons, Country, Glassslipper, Nic Desantis, Geordi La Korg, and Flightbike.