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Russian Circles at Gallery 5

Saturday, Dec. 5.


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Composed of guitarist Mike Sullivan, bassist Colin DeKuiper and drummer Dave Turncrantz, Russian Circles don't follow the same experimental post-rock template as many of their contemporaries. Straying from the crescendo-building tactic that builds to some obligatory explosive release, the Chicago trio instead takes a more organic approach, tossing around dynamic ranges that temper metal tendencies into well-articulated instrumentals. Following up the 2008 sophomore effort, “Station,” Russian Circles are poised to play the Canal Club in support of their latest album “Geneva,” on Saturday, Dec. 5, at 7:30 p.m. with the Young Widows, Phantom Family Halo and Endeavor the Seas. $10-$12. 643-2582. [This show was originally slated for the Canal Club.]



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